Burnout prophylaxis

Over the last couple of years, burnout and burnout-syndrome have become the most popular terms when it comes to the description of working related psychological stress and resulting psychological disorders and diseases. Primarily burnout characterizes a process that can cause both psychological as well as physical illnesses if it is not perceived and not countervailed accordingly.

According to the statement of DAK the number of illness cases due to burnout diagnosis has been multiplied by factor twenty since 2006 and estimates from hospital operator Asklepios as well as the Manager magazine report that the number of burnout affected employees in German DAX companies can amount up to 8%.

Prevention and early detection are important means to obviate a burnout. Individuals who observe their working environment in a qualified way and who know their stress causing factors as well as respective symptoms can ideally prevent or at least treat burnout at an early stage.

Prevention of burnout generates a win-win-situation for employees and companies: healthy employees can live a meaningful as well as fortunate life and can actively shape their life in a positive way - also outside the business. In turn companies minimize days of illness as well as sickness-related leave of high performing people and know-how since in most of the cases motivated, ambitious and committed employees are affected by burnout.

I offer you a multitude of academic based methods for burnout prevention. Those range from a topical education by means of presentations and workshops to an individual burnout diagnosis as well as a specific guidance in terms of coaching.

You will benefit from my qualification as a psychologist and economist as well as my manifold working experiences in multinational companies and medium-sized enterprises. I’m familiar with respective management methods, corporate structures, operative processes as well as applicable rules and I’m aware of the requirements and demands people are faced with – from a manager’s perspective as well as from employees’ points of view.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an individual discussion to meet the specific requirements and needs of your company.