Personality diagnostics

Do you make decisions based on your head or on your heart? Do you notice your environment rather in detail or in context? Do you need motivation from outside or do you motivate yourself?

Preferences, characteristics and competences are different for each individual. Detailed knowledge about your individual personality and those of other people does not only facilitate communication and relationships, but is more and more a success factor for effective collaboration with colleagues, direct reports and customers.

For example, preferences describe how people prefer to do something. If you therefore understand which preferences accompany your personality, then you will realize

  • how you will most likely react in certain situations
  • what the advantages of your behaviour are
  • how other people will experience your behaviour
  • in which areas you might want to develop in order to broaden your behavioral repertoire
  • how other people with different personality will react in certain situations

On top the analysis of characteristics and competencies offers you the opportunity to evaluate, focus and apply your individual talents and strengths. Thereby you will achieve your personal objectives much quicker and you will be able live a happy life which is consistent to your individual personality.

According to my experience people are very often positively surprised how well psychological tests and techniques grasp their personality. In parallel they are usually amazed which unknown potentials and strengths accompany their personality profile. As a result, this experience typically generates a positive momentum for a meaningful change or development in life, a positive self-affirmation and an in-depth awareness about the uniqueness and multitude of talents on which future should be built on.